20 months on – catch up time

Well, as with many blogs, this one has had a quiet time.  Here is the catch up showing some of the major steps up to completion – yes, PandA has been finished (well, sort of).  Unfortunately, I have lost some pictures of key steps (or maybe I never took them?).  The outside was covered with glass fibre and epoxy, then:

Making the gunwales:

Gluing them into place (and no, we don’t have enough clamps):

We made little decks fore and aft using a method inspired by Selway-Fisher.  The original instructions are somewhat vague on this.

Then, after lots of sanding, it was time for painting:

We have used standard exterior undercoat and gloss paint – we’ll see how it lasts, but it is cheaper than yacht enamel.  Polyurethane yacht varnish has been used for the decks and gunwales.

Next post: the launch!