Hiatus and the Master Plan

The posts so far have taken us to the end of April.  Next, I needed covered space to build the boat and the garage was full of junk.  Many weekends passed with the labour of tidying the garage somehow taking second place to other more pressing or enjoyable activities.

So I’ll use the pause to let you in on the Master Plan.  As I said in Post 1, my son Adam wants to build a Pocketship, which theoretically will fit in the garage – just – but with no room to actually work on it, so we might have to alter that plan.  Space aside, the skills required are beyond both of us right now, so we hatched a plan to acquire the skills.  The Canoe is in fact PandA II (P-and-A II).  This is PandA:


As Adam has pointed out, it’s not PandA I yet, as PandA II has not yet been launched.  PandA is an Ace Sloop made from a kit.  It was useful to be able to practice our boat building, in particular varnishing and painting, as all your brush strokes are so much more significant on a model.  I think we’ll get away with a lot more on a larger boat where our little errors will not be noticed (except by us!)

And this is PandA I sailing on the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens:


If all goes well with the Cheap Canoe, PandA III will be a sailing dinghy, although if we get into canoeing in a big way, it might just be a better canoe!