How it started

I have toyed with the idea of building a small sailing dinghy for a few years, in order to introduce my son to sailing and for me to learn some new skills.  Then my son said that he wanted to help, except he has loftier plans – a boat with a cabin – his ambition is to build a Pocketship.  Realising our limitations I decided to start with something simpler.

So, what are we building?  Well it’s something like a Bateau Cheap Canoe, a free plan that I’ve enlarged slightly.  In fact the designer has a slightly larger one called the Nice Canoe, but it’s a little too big for us.  I bought the ($10) plans for the larger one, just to check the scantlings would be sufficient.

Here’s the start back in April: laying out two sheets of 1.2 x 2.4 m 5.5 mm thick plywood.  It’s only cheap exterior grade, which I hope won’t matter, as we will be coating it in epoxy.  My able assistant is enjoying the spring sunshine.

Marking out the plywood
Marking out the plywood